Greywater Seminar and Workshop!
Feb. 19, 2014 - evening seminar
Feb. 22, 2014 - morning workshop
details HERE

hope to see you at the yosemite greywater conference! this is the first ever conference of its type and is attracting participants from across the nation. we are very excited~~!!

greywater corps, as part of a coalition including the river project and geosyntec, has been working with the city of l.a. to revise and streamline the permitting process for simple greywater systems - and our work has paid off! branched drain systems can now be permitted via a standard plan and over-the-counter permit, for a fraction of the previous time and expense. gwc provided consultation and did the beautiful drawings.

leigh will be giving a presentation at the california greywater conference in yosemite: "greywater - a southern california perspective".
nov. 15 & 16, 2012

L2L workshop announcement
july 14, 2012
click here for more info

laundry-to-landscape workshop
march 10, 2012
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free workshop announcement!
march 13, 2011, noon to 4pm
natural history museum of la county

la times sustainability reporter susan carpenter analyzes all the ecological interventions she has done on her house; greywater ranks #1!

leigh's house is part of the *free* eastside eco-tour sponsored by farm feliz. please stop by sunday afternoon, october 24 to chat and see our demonstration greywater systems.

september 24, 2010
greywater corps profiled on treehugger.

several nice reviews on yelp.

september 23, 2010
greywater corps will be travelling to san diego to speak about greywater at the annual california conference of directors of environmental health.

workshop announcement! september 18 & 25. details here.

leigh will be a panel speaker on the ecology stage at
dwell on design at the l.a. convention center on saturday june 28, at 1pm. dwell magazine has written an article about greywater corps here.

greywater corps will give a brief talk and be available to answer any questions at a series of water-consciousness festivals sponsored by the arroyo seco foundation.
june 12, 10-12: descanso gardens
june 19, 10-12: la casita del arroyo
june 26, 10-12: altadena community center

we will be teaching a greywater class at the public school in la's chinatown. the class will include theory and design, an overview of greywater systems, building code issues, and a hands-on workshop installing a laundry-to-landscape system. two saturdays, 4/24 & 5/1, from 10am to 2pm, cost is only $20, enrollment is limited. *sold out*

we will be leading a greywater seminar and hands-on laundry system workshop alongside jenna from fountainhead who will be teaching rainwater capture basics, on april 17 at woodbury university in burbank. this is part of the arid lands institute's completely free workshop series; additional topics covered will be green roofs/green walls, water-smart landscaping strategies, and edible landscapes.
schedule and details here.

come meet us at the
valley water expo in encino the evening of april 22, 2010 (earth day). this is a free event featuring public education and a panel discussion on water use and conservation. please stop by our table to say hi!

greywater seminar
on february 27 leigh will be teaching a two-hour class in greywater basics at the non-profit green beacon foundation in echo park. the class is open to the public and will cover system overviews, legal issues and installation procedures. for more info or to sign up visit:
green beacon foundation

january 26, 2010
california greywater corps profiled in evil monito magazine.

october 28, 2009
the city of los angeles department of building and safety has issued an information bulletin to clarify its incorporation of the revised state greywater standards into the city building code. the city version of the new code is similar to the state version with only minor amendments.
link to ladbs greywater bulletin

august 4 2009
the california building standards commission adopted revised greywater standards intended to address ongoing drought conditions. this measure repeals years of regressive building codes, making it possible for homeowners to legally install simple greywater reclamation systems in their residences, in many cases without even requiring a building permit.
link to state bill 1258
link to union-tribune article

july 21 2009
the los angeles city council approved the emergency water conservation plan, making it illegal to (among other things) water plants between the hours of 9am and 4pm and limiting watering to 10 minutes per day for spray-head sprinklers. these mandatory measures do not apply to greywater irrigation.

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